Activate a CrossPoint - Phones/Tablets


Staff member
Your primary mobile iOS phone or tablet is automatically listed as a CrossPoint connection under Phones/Tablets on the CrossPoints menu when you first Sign Up.

  1. Tap the List button

    below Phones/Tablets on the CrossPoints menu to see your CrossPoint connected mobile iOS device(s).
  2. Your primary mobile iOS device is automatically available to:
    1. Integrate into Rules including Rules with GPS based Conditions and Actions.
    2. Check the status of your other CrossPoint connected Devices and Rules.
  3. Upgrade your subscription to enable more than (1) mobile iOS Device to populate your GPS based Rules and customized Map; and to use more than (5) Devices in Rules.
See Crosspoints: Phones/Tablets - Add Additional Phones and Tablets to learn how to add your other mobile iOS Devices as CrossPoints.