CrossPoint Navigation Menu


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Our Navigation Menu allows you to open the major sections of the CrossPoint Application.

  1. Tap the CrossPoint logo
    at upper right to reveal the Navigation Menu.
  2. Tap the screen anywhere or swipe right to hide the menu. The screen you are currently on is highlighted on the Navigation Menu list which includes:
CrossPoints - Where the CrossPoint app connects with:

  • Your GPS, Smart Devices, and Smart Vehicles
  • Hubs, APIs and Data Feeds
Devices - Finally all in one place!

  • Linked smart home devices
  • Tablet, Smartphone, Computer
  • CrossPoint platforms
Rules - Harness CrossPoint’s advanced rule engine

  • Customize environments across platforms with simple or multi-step rules
  • Set GPS, Device and Voice Control Conditions
  • Trigger notifications and device command Actions
Map - Customize your Map to create GPS-based rules

  • Monitor Rules with location and distance conditions
  • Track Beacon devices
Activity - Monitor the activity of your Rules and Devices here.

  • Device and System history
  • Spot check activity 24/7
  • Date and time stamped actions
Forums - FAQs, Discussions, Support and all things CrossPoint

  • Check FAQs as needed
  • Find General Support
  • Make Suggestions and Request Features
  • Take part in CrossPoint Discussions
Settings - Administer your account and security info

  • Change Password
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Customize units of time, measurement and temperature
  • Stay-logged-in option
  • View Intro
  • View current App version number
  • Contact Us
Log Out of your account from the Navigation Menu