Remove a GPS Device


Staff member
Before removing a GPS-enabled Device from your CrossPoint network, consider turning off or limiting Location Services on your iOS Device or Tesla.

To Remove a GPS Device: Tap CrossPoints on the Main Menu.

  1. To remove an iOS Device (phone or tablet) in Full or Beacon Mode, tap the List button
    under the Phones/Tablets CrossPoint on the CrossPoints menu.
    1. Swipe Left on the Device you wish to remove.
    2. Tap the Delete button
    3. Confirm that you wish to delete the GPS Device.
    4. CAUTION: Be careful not to delete your primary device to continue using the CrossPoint App.
  2. To Remove a Tesla, tap the Delete button
    to the right of the Tesla (GPS Device) you want to remove as listed under the Tesla CrossPoint on the CrossPoints Menu.
    1. Tap the Confirm button
      when you see the prompt “Are you sure you want to unlink “Your Tesla name” Tesla account? OR tap Cancel at the bottom center.
    2. Toggle right on Do Not Show in the Future to avoid the Confirmation double-check going forward.
    3. CAUTION: Unlinking Your Tesla (GPS Device) as a CrossPoint removes it from your CrossPoint network.