Reset Your CrossPoint Password


Staff member
You can Reset your Password two (2) ways:

  1. Reset your password on the Login screen.
    1. Tap Forgot Password? at the bottom of the screen.
    2. Enter your email address into the email field and press Submit.
    3. Check your email. You will receive an email if the address you entered is associated with the account. NOTE: This function will not operate if the email address is not the one that was entered at signup. Please use the email address that was used at signup.
  2. OR tap Settings on the Navigation Menu
    1. Tap Change Password
    2. Type in your Current Password, New Password, Retype New Password.
    3. Tap the View button
      at right to see what you're typing.
    4. Tap Done on the keyboard to submit your changes.

NOTE: Password Requirements

  • Minimum 8 characters
  • At least one number
  • At least one letter
  • At least one special character